The Hummus Hangout #3: Boosted Yields

  • Hummus Exchange will deploy more than $2 million in METIS token rewards over the next several months thanks to the incredible support of the MetisDAO and its Metis Marathon.
  • Deposit stablecoins and stake HUM tokens to boost your yield by generating veHUM over time.
  • If you unstake HUM or your stablecoins then you lose your veHUM and therefore lose your boost.
  • Yield (rewards) is paid in HUM tokens, and while the Metis Marathon is running, also in METIS tokens.

Staking Basics

The Hummus Exchange offers stablecoin swaps with extremely low slippage and minimal fees in addition to a variable stablecoin yield farming mechanism, all packaged in a slick and simple UI.

Boosting Yields with HUM & veHUM

Additionally, you can significantly boost your APR by also staking HUM tokens on the veHUM page. By staking HUM you will accrue veHUM on an hourly basis. You can then claim your accrued veHUM on the veHUM page. The veHUM tokens will be placed in your wallet once claimed.

What is veHUM?

For readers newer to DeFi, “veHUM” means “voting escrow HUM,” akin to the same proven function of Curve Finance. In the future, veHUM will be used in the Hummus Exchange’s governance module. Here’s how it will work.

Put simply, emissions (rewards) will go where the votes go.

ICYMI: The Hummus Marathon and New Fee Distribution

Missed the news or just new around here? No problem, we’ve got you covered!



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