The Hummus Hangout, #1

  • Swap m.USDC, m.USDT, and DAI with hardly any slippage, even on very large trades.
  • Stake m.USDC, m.USDT, and/or DAI single-sided to earn rewards paid in $HUM tokens.
  • Stake $HUM tokens to earn $veHUM in order to increase your yield on the staked stablecoins.
  • The more $veHUM you have, the higher your boosted yield is.
  • The more m.USDC, m.USDT, or DAI you have staked, the more $veHUM you will need to boost your yield.

What Hummus Is & How it Works

The Hummus Exchange’s creamy stableswap interface at launch.
The Hummus Exchange’s liquidity pool interface at launch.

Earning With Hummus

The Hummus Exchange’s $HUM staking interface.

This Is Just the Beginning



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