Test Drive: Hummus on the New Metis Sepolia Testnet

Hummus Exchange
3 min readJan 30, 2024

Metis is pioneering a new technology, and you can try it out — right now.

As MetisDAO announced last year, they’re decentralizing the sequencer. Before you ask, we thought of that already 👇

A Sequencer? Who Cares? (…and btw what’s a Sequencer?)

Whether you’re a quintuple-leveraged LP degen, an air traffic controller at CDG, or a techno pioneer in 80’s Detroit, sequence matters.

Sequence determines what goes when.

A blockchain sequencer is responsible for setting the order of transactions before they are batched and finalized on the blockchain. This might sound unimportant, but if an L2’s sequencer is controlled by a single entity or deployed on a single cloud service, this centralization carries significant risks, not to mention running contrary to the ethos of cryptocurrency.

With that level of control, a malign actor could consistently front-run anyone, censor transactions, hoard fees, and effectively see the future at a short timescale.

Yet, no L2 has decentralized the sequencer 🤔 Until Metis. 🌱

Sometimes, the things you didn’t even know existed turn out mattering the most.

Metis Sequencing: Decentralized

Metis is on the verge of becoming the first Ethereum rollup with a decentralized sequencer, a major step for Ethereum scalability, and the entire Metis community can help realize this vision. The Proof-of-Stake Sequencer Pool community testing, which is live right now, is the perfect opportunity for users to prove out new and existing and new ecosystem dApps on the testnet and get rewarded for it.

The foundations that run Rollups have a strong incentive not to move beyond the single-sequencer framework: by running a single sequencer, the founders of these Rollups maintain nearly full control over the network and get to accumulate all revenue generated from said sequencer. Terrific news for the foundations, terrible news for the community, which gets hurt twice — once by having to deal with the inherent security risk of a single sequencer, and again by being only passive participants in the network, rather than being able to share sequencer revenue with the foundation/founders.

Testing started 15 January and has already proven to be extremely successful, not just for the sequencer tech but for the Metis ecosystem generally..

Get Started: Hummus on the New Metis Testnet (Sepolia)

Hummus is delighted to invite the entire Metis community to participate in “Community Testing Season 1” on the new Metis Sepolia Testnet!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit https://decentralize.metis.io/
  2. Click on the “Connect wallet” button
  3. Claim your test tokens by clicking “Claim your tokens” in the dApps section and follow the instructions about Telegram
  4. Go through the participating dApps, including Hummus, and complete all the eligible actions to earn points
  5. You can earn extra points by sharing on X and invite your friends to Community Testing

More details are available on the Metis Blog.

dApps Participating on Sepolia Testnet

  • Hummus Exchange
  • Tethys
  • Netswap
  • Enki
  • Midas

Reminder: Bridge to Metis

Ready to try out the most innovative network in crypto? Just take the bridge. We’ll see you soon 😎 🌉🚗

About Hummus Exchange

The Hummus Exchange protocol is a single-side and decentralized AMM designed for exchanging stable and volatile cryptocurrencies on the Metis blockchain.

Users can swap tokens on Hummus Exchange with extremely low slippage and fees. They can also stake tokens to generate yield, and stake HUM tokens alongside to boost that yield.

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