Improving Efficiency with a New Stablecoin Liquidity Pool

Hummus Exchange
2 min readNov 22, 2023


In the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), protocols must adapt to meet the needs of their users. Hummus is no exception. Hummus is taking steps to improve the user experience with a new and efficient stablecoin liquidity pool.

Hummus’ Balancer Fork

Several months ago Hummus forked the Balancer protocol to provide a more versatile swap and liquidity product for Metis users. As part of this fork, Hummus has since deployed two Balancer style pools, the most recent one being the tri-crypto stablecoin pool, called “Hummus Metis Stable Pool.”

Some users recently noticed inefficiencies in the swaps using this stablecoin pool. A close look under the hood by the team revealed that the pool’s configuration was not optimal for stablecoins, resulting in less efficient swaps for large trades.

Hummus is addressing this by deploying a new Balancer stable pool with a significantly flatter curve. This modification will enhance the efficiency of stablecoin swaps, providing a smoother and more cost-effective trading experience for users.

Our User-Centric Approach

The Hummus treasury will remain in place to absorb any slippage shortfall that users may encounter when switching from the old pool to the new one. Safeguarding the interests of its user community is paramount.

Upcoming Changes

In the near future, we will discontinue rewards on the deprecated pool. Simultaneously, rewards will commence on the new, more efficient stablecoin pool. This change will incentivize users to participate in the improved pool and take advantage of its better efficiency.

Additionally, the UI will be changed to indicate the pool’s deprecated status.

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