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2 min readSep 30, 2022


METIS for the veHUM Faithful

Incoming! 🪂

The METIS airdrop is underway! As foretold in our earlier article about the new fee distribution structure, we’re beyond excited to announce our first airdrop of 155.6 METIS tokens (current value of $3875 USD) to veHUM hodlers!

This airdrop represents the first major fee distribution event for veHUM holders. As described in that earlier piece, portions of fees received by the Hummus Exchange protocol are now distributed to veHUM holders via a monthly METIS airdrop and to LP holders.

These rewards are made possible in part by the incredible support of MetisDAO and its Metis Marathon which Hummus had the privilege of joining recently. Over the next several months, Hummus will be deploying over $2 million in Metis incentives for our growing community!

A Volume Game

Hummus Exchange, the largest protocol by total value locked (TVL), offers the lowest stableswap slippage on the Metis Andromeda network. With new entrants to the network and the Marathon in the works — lenders, aggregators, and bribers — Hummus is perfectly positioned to handle the surge in volume.

More volume means more fees. More fees mean more rewards for liquidity providers and veHUM holders. Toss in our fee distribution structure and you will understand why your veHUM might be about to hit the nitro.

Remember: veHUM takes time to accumulate. The longer you stake HUM tokens without unstaking, the more you accrue.

More veHUM + More volume = More rewards + More bribe influence

So, keep growing those veHUM positions!

About the Metis Marathon

MetisDAO Foundation has announced the Metis Marathon, a 26-week long builder incentive program that aims to incentivize a fierce development of the Metis ecosystem. Besides introducing some of the Top DeFi protocols by TVL to our ecosystem, the Marathon will also help create a native powerhouse by directly incentivizing some of Metis’ most innovative native dApps.

About Hummus Exchange

The Hummus Exchange protocol is a single-side and decentralized AMM designed for exchanging stable cryptocurrencies on the Metis blockchain.

Users can swap stablecoins on the Hummus Exchange with extremely low slippage and fees. They can also stake stablecoins to generate yield, and stake HUM tokens alongside to boost that yield.

Come check us out! Stop by to swap or stake around for longer.